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Wireless Receiver Module Superheterodyne ASK 315MHZ/433Mhz for Project

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Product Parameters:
Receiver sensitivity: -110dBm
Working frequency: 433Mhz
Voltage input: 3.6V-5.5V
Low power consumption: 5.0V@315MHz,4.8mA;5.0V@433.92MHz,6.8mA. Sustained data transfer rate up to 2.4K. power consumption can be decreased tp to a minimum 50nA when the power is in saving mode.
Good selectivity and spurious radiation suppression, and easy through the CE / Fcc Certification.
Temperature range: -20-70 ℃
Size: 30×7.7×5.00(mm)
(1) car door remote control switch (RKE);
(2) remote control door opener;
(3) wireless security alarm;
(4) wireless doorbell;
(5) Wireless Controller;
(6) Wireless data transmission

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