Smart WiFi Wireless Relay Switch 2 Channel AC 90-250V

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About this item

  • 【APP Remote Control】 Wifi smart relay switch can work with Smart Life and Tuya Smart APP, you can turn on or turn off switch via smart phone anytime and anywhere, you can turn off home lights on the way to the firm, it only supports 2.4Ghz Wifi, no gateway required.
  • 【Timer and Schedule】 Wifi relay switch have timing function, you can preset a specific time to turn on or turn off home light by Smart Life or Tuya Smart APP, which can help you to decrease electricity consumption, so save your money.
  • 【Voice Control】 Smart light switch can compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, when you’re busying cooking or doing housework, you just send out a voice command to turn on or turn off lights, which can release your hands.
  • 【Simple to Install】 Smart relay switch is simple to install, only need to connect the live wire and neutral wire at both ends of the smart switch, Connecting 1 end to the power supply and the other end to the light.
  • 【Families Share】 Wifi smart relay switch support families share, you can share this device to your families, so your families and you can control this switch together, it’s perfect choice for the appliances that cannot be easily reached.
About this item 【APP Remot […]



IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4G

Current Rating

‎10 Amps

Mounting Type

‎Wall Mount



Operation Mode

‎Off,Smart Switch



Maximum Switching Voltage

‎250 Volts

Ambient temperature

-30℃-70℃, RH: <95%

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